Most men ejaculate after 2-3 minutes. This is not enough for their partner to reach an orgasm. Most women reach orgasm after 15-20 minutes.

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder. Studies have shown that up to 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. Most of them are embarrassed to discuss about this problem and continue to live with it.

Possible reasons responsible for PE (premature ejaculation):

  • Temporary depression
  • Stressful job
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Sexual repression
  • Lack of self esteem
  • No self confidence

and much, much more.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Many men suffer from premature ejaculation in silence and this can be really embarrassing at times. Want to last longer in bed? Well, it’s all up to you! There are exercises which will help you hold your ejaculation. Kegel exercise is one of the most well known exercises or improving sex life as it helps in strengthening pelvic muscles. Charging up your passion is important for a lustful sex session.
Foreplay, hugging, fondling, kissing and performing oral sex can spice things up. You can use your hands and mouth to satisfy your partner and get into real action when your partner is sexually charged. You can even try changing your sex position in order to delay your ejaculation. Wearing a condom is another way which helps in reducing sensitivity to your penis, resulting in a longer sex session.
There are some positions that are less stimulating which helps you to stay longer in bed. As far as possible avoid the missionary position as it allows you to ejaculate faster. Doggie style and woman on top are some of the best positions you can try. Masturbating before having sex also helps in delaying the climax.
Stop when you are about to come, relax, take deep, slow breaths and calm down for sometime. Squeezing the head or base of the penis before you ejaculate can also help in delaying orgasm.
A healthy lifestyle also plays an important in maintaining a healthy sex life. So follow a proper diet and regular exercise. Women are often left unsatisfied when men reach orgasm fast, and men often see it as a failure. This can often lead to lack of confidence and performance anxiety which in turn may cause premature ejaculation.
The best way is to focus on your partner’s satisfaction and enjoy the moment, taking it slow and not getting too excited will help you. Train your mind and body to cope up with intense levels of sexual pleasure to prolong the sex session to give her multiple orgasms. During intercourse tell her to thrust instead this will make her cum faster.

How to stop premature ejaculation?

Results from DuraMale test therapy.

Before Therapy

Test group: A group of men complained of ejaculating within a seconds, or at least, within a minute.

Therapy & Results

1st month
DuraMale test group, noticed that their average retention time increased to 6 – 7 minutes.

After three months
Average ejaculation retention time increased to 12 – 13 minutes.

Six months later
Time was increased to 16 minutes. After rapid start, next three months, DuraMale test group experienced slow but significant  progress.


Do you want to last longer in sex?

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Take two pills daily and try not to miss the dose. You may feel the results immediately, but if you take DuraMale for a 6 months, you won’t face the embarrassing premature ejaculation again.


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You can control ejaculation once you master techniques you found here. You don’t have to be a macho man to attract women. Any man can become a sex hero. Say goodbye to premature ejaculation!

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