2nd Week

My big Neosize XL pills test started two weeks ago. This is my first journal entry. Erection of my manhood has improved. I have firmer and longer erection every day. Didn’t even need to change anything in my daily routine to take my daily pills dosage. My Neosize pills are in my night drawer. Safe and far from prying eyes.


2nd Month

My first check was after two months. Penis measure results after two months surprised me. It was a big and pleasant surprise. I couldn’t believe my eyes: my penis was half inch longer. My wife asked me to continue with my test. She mentioned my increased sexual appetite and stamina. We had sex two or three times a week before. We had sex two or three times during weekend, thanks to Neosize XL.

Half Time

My journal notes: “It’s the half time. Month No.3 ended yesterday. My sexual activity is amazing. My wife has no complaints. It’s not time for ‘official’ penis measuring, yet, but I can see my penis is bigger, so I must check. Measure tape don’t lie: Almost one inch is gained after only one month. It’s 1½ inches total”

4th Month

I had amazing results, after three months. It was time for little disappointment. After four months my penis was “only” two inches bigger. I’m joking. Two inches improvement! It must not be described with word “only”. If somebody asked me six months ago to change my vintage Ford Cobra, for pills that can give me only one inch longer penis… Lucky me. My vintage car is still in my garage and I have penis enlargement pills in my pocket.

5th Month

My wife told me about her point of view about odd results in my “Big 6 Neosize XL months test”. First and third month are the best months in my current test period. Apparently, my penis is bigger and I’m happy. No stress, no pressure to gain one more inch in my pants by the end of the next month.

After 6 months

I saw a expected difference in my manhood length. The most amazing factor is about one inch penis girth increase. All my doubts in penis enlargement pills completely vanished. My penis is larger, my erection are firmer, stronger and my sexual activity is more frequent and lasts longer. Six months ago I may reach only one ejaculation a day. Currently I used to ejaculate 2 or perhaps 3 times. Full erection comes quickly after sex. My sexual stamina is bigger than ever.
During last six months I have gained almost three inches in length. To be exact: 2¾ inches. My penis used to be 6¼ inches in erection and currently it’s 9 inches. I must recommend Neosize XL to everybody.



In my opinion, NeoSize XL pills test worth all my money and time invested in this project. I’m sure my wife is happy, too.

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